MERSD District Plan - Climate


    Core Value:  Climate
    We believe our schools must create an environment of respect and appreciation for individual and cultural differences and instill a passion for responsible social action, both locally and globally.

    Overarching Goal:  Institutionalize a philosophy of inclusion, tolerance and cultural awareness both locally and globally.
    Summary of Current Status FY12:  MERSD is an inclusive school district; as such, we are a collaborative culture that welcomes all members into our learning community.~ Recognizing that students share more similarities than differences, our learning community respects each individual’s unique contributions.~ It is expected that all adults share the responsibility for providing every student with access to and participation in high quality education.  As of the close of FY13, we have successfully implemented inclusive academic practices that support targeted interventions for students on an individual basis, but need to broaden our repertoire of strategies and methodologies~within the mainstream setting to reach a greater variety of learners.  Additionally in order to meet support its mission and core values, MERSD must develop a broader program of inclusion that reaches beyond supporting student academic achievement and strives to cultivate a broad world-view and culture of tolerance and cultural awareness.

    Goal 1:  Implement programming that promotes respect and appreciation for individual and cultural differences.

    Resources & Responsibilities
    Measures of Implementation Documentation
    Establish expectations and educate staff about benchmarks for successful inclusive practices PK-12.
    FY 13-14
    Director of Student Services in collaboration with
    • Director of Curriculum & Technology
    • Principals
    With support from
    • Department Chairs
    • Team Chairs
    • Teacher Leaders
    Resources:  NA
    Documentation that inclusion is successfully practiced K-12.
    Develop a Foreign Exchange Program at MERHS.
    MERMHS Administration

    Resources: Education First
    Foreign Exchange Program policy and protocol.

    Active Foreign Exchange program.

    Goal 2:  Organize, articulate, and Implement programming that promotes critical thinking, global awareness and social responsibility.
    Develop a sustainable literacy program.

    Director of Curriculum & Technology in collaboration with MEHS Principal.  With support from
    • Department Chair – Science
    • Faculty
    Resources:  Consultant Services; Primary Source; MASS;
    Developed and formalized Green Scholars interdisciplinary program;

    Developed and  formalized Global Studies Strand (Diploma Optional).
    Investigate the implementation of the IB program K-12.
    Superintendent collaboratively with the Director of Curriculum & Technology

    Resources:  Consultant Services; Primary Source; MASS;
    Completed report on the costs and programmatic pros and cons of implementation.