• The Office of Curriculum & Instructional Technology

    The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Technology is responsible for envisioning, planning, and directing the implementation of a broad range of areas, including curriculum and instruction, assessment, strategic planning, professional learning, and the integration of technology and innovative educational initiatives.

    The responsibilities of this work include:

    • Revising and aligning district curriculum to new and existing Massachusetts framework expectations
    • Coordinating the implementation of research-based curriculum and instructional practices
    • Organizing and delivering professional learning for teachers and support staff
    • Creating new program models to support the needs of all learners
    • Providing leadership roles to district and state committees
    • Managing and implementing federal entitlement and state grants: Title I Reading and Title IIA Teacher Quality
    • Supporting the implementation of new state initiatives: educator evaluation system, educator licensure, district determined measures, framework and curriculum implementation, state assessments, and 21st-century learning expectations

    The following Curriculum and instructional goals align with district and school strategic planning:

    • Vertically Aligned Standards-Based Curriculum
    • Common, Formative, and Summative Assessments
    • Curriculum & Technology Integration
    • Research-Based Instructional Practice
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Reaching all Learners
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Tiered Instruction and Intervention
    • Understanding by Design
    • Equity and Equality for all Students