2021 MERSD Vision of the Graduate & Strategic Planning

  • Mission

    Educating all students, instilling a passion for life-long learning, and encouraging both local and global citizenship!



    MERSD, in partnership with its communities, will provide 21st Century educational opportunities and resources so that all students can achieve academic excellence, realize their highest potential, and succeed as responsible citizens in a global society.


    Core Values

    Whole Child

    We believe schools must establish a safe environment conducive to the development of the whole child, which extends beyond the academic core to include experiential learning, the arts, cultural awareness, and physical and emotional well-being.

    Student Achievement

    We believe that challenging standards and differentiated instruction encourage all students to excel and become confident, engaged learners who achieve their potential at different rates and on different paths.


    We believe our schools must create an environment of respect and appreciation for individual and cultural differences and instill a passion for responsible social action, both locally and globally.

    Community Partnerships

    We believe that providing a quality education for our children is a shared responsibility, fostered by partnerships among the schools, families, businesses and the community-at-large.  


    We believe our district should provide appropriate resources in order for students to achieve our stated vision and mission.

  • Our Schools

    The Manchester Essex Regional School District has consistently and proudly been among the highest-performing districts in the state. It is a growing district with a student population of 1560 and a commitment to maintaining low student-teacher ratios. In addition to a robust core curriculum that balances high expectations for student achievement with the needs of the whole child, we offer specialty programming and a variety of twenty-first-century learning opportunities, such as:  Elementary Foreign Language, Integrated Pre-K, the SWING Program, Middle School Engineering, Project Adventure, FIRST Robotics, ASR -Authentic Science Research, a Nationally Recognized Debate Team, an Award-Winning Drama Program, and the Green Team & Green Scholars.


    MERSD is comprised of four schools. Memorial Elementary and Essex Elementary are neighborhood schools that serve grades PreK-5.  The Manchester Essex Regional Middle School serves grades 6 through 8 and shares an impressive new facility, recognized for its utilization and commitment to green technology, with Manchester Essex Regional High School, which serves grades 9 through 12.  Our district realizes the importance of professional development and renewal, and, as such, provides staff development through the Northshore Education Consortium, the Northeast Professional Development Consortium, and Salem State Collaborative for Interdisciplinary Studies, and the UMASS Lowell STEM Initiative. 


    MERSD is an inclusive school district; as such, we are a collaborative culture that welcomes all members into our learning community.  Recognizing that students share more similarities than differences, our learning community respects each individual’s unique contributions.  It is expected that all adults share the responsibility for providing every student with access to and participation in high-quality education.


    Our Community

    The Manchester Essex School District serves the communities of Manchester and Essex, located on Cape Ann in Essex County, twenty-five miles north of Boston.  The towns have a combined population of 8,640 people, 5136 in Manchester and 3,504 in Essex, as of the 2010 Census.  In 2000, the two communities voted to regionalize their schools, opening up a wealth of opportunity that is currently shaping the future of our students….expanding academic, athletic and social offerings….forming a partnership to ensure a legacy of outstanding education and excellence. Though the towns enjoy unique identities, they have in common the same priority:  a desire to provide the best possible resources to facilitate their children’s growth and prepare them for the 21st century….at home, in school, and in the community.  The realization of this goal is dependent upon the strong involvement and support that comes from parents, businesses, clubs and organizations, other branches of Town government and the many individuals who do not have children in the system but believe that the community is only as strong as its educational institutions.   Hard to measure, but definitely present, is an unusual and enthusiastic willingness to work together to provide the resources necessary to prepare our young people for productive, fulfilling lives.


    Superintendent's Statement

    The world exists for the education of man. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    A classroom is no longer confined to the brick and mortar of a school building.  The world is our classroom, and the tools of the 21st Century are the conduit to our shared past, a connection to our collective present and the building blocks of our interconnected future.  A new educational model reflecting the needs of this millennium must be incorporated into the school setting.  Success will no longer be defined by core academic abilities alone but also by the ability to creatively problem solve, to adapt to change and to think and work creatively and collaboratively as part of a global society.   To that end schools must reach beyond the traditional educational models to embrace teaching and learning activities that are both rigorous and relevant, activities that engage and challenge students to reach their own conclusions and find their own results.

    Pamela Beaudoin, Superintendent