Hybrid Learning Model

  • Manchester Essex Regional Schools' overarching goal for remote/hybrid learning is to create a structure that is accessible, accountable, and engaging for all students so they receive the necessary instruction and supports to thrive during the most unprecedented of times.  Our goal is to match a typical school day in an effort to run our complete program with appropriate time-on-learning.

    In anticipation that the year ahead may require that we periodically move between models, the operational goal of our move to the hybrid schedule is to provide an opportunity for students to return to school while still maintaining a solid foundation of remote learning so that we are prepared to toggle between hybrid and remote as conditions warrant.

    Objectives of the Hybrid Transition

    ~Reunite students with the school environment to provide social-emotional support, relationships, and connections for students in grades 6-12 in support of in-person and virtual instruction of new content knowledge and skills.

    ~Engage students in teacher-directed learning to enable in-person students and remote students in the cohort to participate in the school day.

    ~Balance on-screen and off-screen activity and in-person and remote activities in alignment with the developmental level of students and learning objectives.

    The hybrid model utilizes the hyflex method which allows the cohort of students in school to interact virtually and in real-time with the cohort that is learning from home. It also allows for the implementation of the full academic program in both hybrid and remote only modes. We’ve chosen a challenging model to implement, but one we believe is in the best interest of students and one that allows us to maintain continuity of schedule and expectations.   There is no one way to structure the hybrid day. Each educator will use his or her expertise to design lessons that balance virtual instruction, online activities, independent learning, and traditional paper and pencil activities.  

    MERMHS Cohorts

    The Manchester Middle/High School students have been designated into two cohorts, Green and White.   Below are the two cohorts for hybrid learning:

    • GREEN [In-Person Tuesday & Wednesday]
      • Students in the Green cohort meet in school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays  and last names:  Adams-Jacobson
    • WHITE [In-Person Thursday & Friday] 
      • Students in the White cohort meet in school on Thursdays and Fridays and last names:  Jobe - Zschau


    Hybrid School Schedules

    The middle and high schools will follow their typical bell/day schedule. The school schedule for the hybrid model will be our typical school day schedule as shown below:


     Remote School Schedules


    Synchronous Learning - HYFLEX 

    Synchronous learning refers to instruction that happens in real-time, with the teacher and student(s) interacting with one another in the same “place” at the same time. The most straightforward example of synchronous learning is a lesson conducted through a video conference such as Zoom. Students would log into the video conference at a specified time and receive instruction from their teacher and potentially have the opportunity to interact with their classmates through Zoom. This example is oftentimes referred to as “live streaming” a lesson