Preschool Program

  • Preschool screenings are offered for children whose parents have developmental concerns as well as three and four year old children whose parents are interested in enrolling them as Peer Pals for the District Integrated Preschool.  Preschool screening is required for children who are candidates for admission as peer pals. Contact the Student Services Office at 978-525-6060 to reserve a time for preschool screening. 

    Preschool Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3pm.  

    Children with Disabilities and Special Education:

    Children with disabilities participating in Early Intervention will be referred and evaluated by the District prior to the child’s third birthday.  Children eligible for the program will be scheduled in compliance with the IEP developed by the special education Team. If a parent suspects that a preschool-age child has a disability, he/she may refer the child for a special education evaluation or participate in the annual preschool screening offered by the District.

    The following developmental checklist is designed to help parents determine what to expect and when to seek help for children ages one through four.

    When to seek help for children ages 1-4

    Many resources are available for families of young children with disabilities and health care needs.  See the following link for more information:

    Services and Benefits for Children with Special Health Care Needs

    The Department of Early Education and Care also provides a website with great activities for parents and educators working with young children.