2021 MERSD Vision of the Graduate & Strategic Planning

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    The Manchester Essex Regional School District (MERSD) provides a high quality, comprehensive, student-centered educational experience that supports students’ academic, social, and emotional development and prepares them for a post-secondary educational or service experience, a career, and life as an engaged member of society. 


    MERSD, with the partnership and support of member communities, will provide educational opportunities and resources so that all students can realize their individual, unique, and highest potential, achieve academic excellence, value integrity and honesty, and become intellectually curious and critical thinkers. 

    Core Values 

    Student Centered 

    We believe schools must establish a safe environment that supports the development of all students. Schools must engage all aspects of a child’s development, including knowledge, a sense of self, emotional well-being, physical health, and skills and strategies to negotiate an ever-changing and unpredictable world. 

    Student Achievement 

    We believe MERSD should foster a learning environment that encourages academic achievement, social and emotional freedom and engagement, collaboration and creative problem-solving; the skills to confront new ideas with both rigor and sensitivity, and the awareness to and ability to extend the skills beyond the academic core to include experiential learning, the arts, cultural awareness, and physical and social emotional health. 


    We believe our schools must strive to create a just and equitable environment that respects individual differences and the diversity of, our communities, country, and world. 

    Family & Community Partnerships 

    Schools are a reflection of their communities.  We believe that providing a quality education that prepares our students for an unpredictable world is a shared responsibility, fostered by partnerships among the schools, families, educational non-profits, businesses and the community-at-large. 


    We believe the District and our community partners should collaborate to provide the necessary funding to equip our students with the essential critical thinking, analytic, communication, and problem-solving skills they need to be productive, contributing members of our local and global communities and deliver on the promise of our students’ potential. 

    Vision of the Graduate Overview 

    Empathetic Global Citizen 

    Responsible Collaborator 

    Critical Thinker 

    Effective Communicator 

    Personally Accountable 

    Social/Emotional Awareness 

    Innovative and Creative