• The Office of Curriculum & Instructional Technology

    The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Technology is responsible for leading and supporting the implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment, strategic planning, professional learning, and the integration of technology and innovative educational initiatives.

    The responsibilities of this work include:

    • Development, revision, articulation, and mapping of district curriculum to ensure alignment to the Massachusetts frameworks
    • Supporting cycles of data review to inform and improve instructional practices
    • Organizing and facilitating professional learning experiences
    • Providing leadership roles to district and state committees
    • Managing and implementing federal entitlement and state grants including Title I, Title IIA, and Title IV
    • Supporting the implementation of state initiatives: high quality curriculum, educator evaluation system, educator licensure, state assessments & performance-based learning measures

    Curriculum and instruction focus around authentic learning experiences in support of our MERSD Vision of the Graduate.


  • Heather Leonard, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology


    (978) 526-4919 Ext. 1010