• MERHS Vision of a Graduate

    Empathetic Global Citizen

    • Understands and accepts different cultures and beliefs
    • Seeks out and participates in authentic cultural experiences
    • Participates in meaningful community service
    • Demonstrates an awareness of current events
    • Recognizes cause and effect within a variety of global networks
    • Understands the importance of acting as a responsible citizen


    Responsible Collaborator

    • Acknowledges and respects the perspective of others
    • Active and equitable participation in group settings
    • Seeks appropriate resources to carry out responsibility as part of a group
    • Can identify and work towards a common goal
    • Advocates for ideas while resolving conflict within a group

    Critical Thinker

    • Recognizes and questions implicit/explicit bias
    • Evaluates ideas, information, and sources for validity, relevance, and impact
    • Reasons and weighs evidence from multiple perspectives to reach conclusions
    • Recognizes patterns and can make inferences
    • Draws appropriate conclusions
    • Considers multiple perspectives

    Effective Communicator

    • Mindful of audience interpretation
    • Demonstrates responsible digital communication
    • Expresses ideas in a purposeful and confident manner both verbally and in writing
    • Writes and speaks clearly for a variety of audiences and purposes
    • Employs active listening
    • Acknowledges multiple perspectives
    • Sustains and advances the conversation
    • Able to present to a variety of audiences

    Personally Accountable

    • Mindful of audience interpretation
    • Accountable for own words and actions
    • Practices academic integrity
    • Practices self-care skills
    • Overcomes academic and personal barriers to meet personal goals
    • Maintains work/life balance

    Social/Emotional Awareness

    • Demonstrates empathy
    • Expresses emotions in a meaningful way

    Innovative and Creative

    • Demonstrates open-ended thought
    • Takes risks
    • Demonstrates curiosity
    • Demonstrates habits of mind that identify the requisite skills and knowledge needed to solve a complex problem.
    • When faced with a problem, recognize and understand failures and seeks alternate solutions independently