Can Registered Students Ride Any Bus?

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No. Students will only be allowed to ride the school bus to which they are assigned. Transportation is intended for travel to and from a student’s home, not other locations. With the understanding that some students consistently travel to and from multiple addresses and homes, students will be permitted to travel to more than one address if it is on a recurring, predictable schedule. It is our hope that this will be helpful to families, while still allowing MERSD to have advanced knowledge of which students will be on a given bus. This advanced knowledge is important for planning demand vs. capacity and for safety reasons so we know where students should be each day. Requests to ride more than one bus should be provided to: Please be aware that travel to destinations that are less than 1.5 miles from school will be subject to the $225 annual per student fee. Students will not be allowed to travel home on a friend’s school bus.