Home School Procedures

Posted by Angela Bik on 7/14/2022 3:00:00 PM

Families requesting home schooling will receive the following information:

  • Home School Cover Letter
  • Home Education Plan Proposal
  • MERSD Withdrawal Letter

In addition, families must submit a description of the home school educational experience to include the grade level of the child(ren), description of the educational plan for 180 days of instruction, parental qualifications, a review of the content expected to be taught, and information on academic progress. This package is required for each child attending home school.

Once a complete home school package is received, the documents will be reviewed, signed, and a copy will be sent home to families.

MERSD Forms:

Home School Cover Letter

Home School Education Plan Proposal

MERSD Withdrawal Letter

Additional Family Requirement:

Family description of home school educational experience


Please visit the home school site here or contact 978-526-4919 for more information on home school paperwork and procedures.




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