• Essex Elementary & Middle High School Hornet Removal 9-7-16

  • September 6, 2016


    Dear MERSD Staff and Community,


    A nest of hornets has taken up residence on both the exterior of the Middle High School on the second floor and also in a tree at the entrance to the upper parking lot at Essex Elementary.  The nests are rather large, and for safety’s sake it is important that they are removed. We explored non-chemical methods of disposal, but the nests are too large to handle in such a manner.  In accordance with the Children’s Protection Act we are providing notification that on Wednesday, September 7th the nests will be removed by the Terminex Company.   We are also providing you with additional information which is required by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources any time a pesticide is used on school property.  Attached you will find:


    • A copy or the approved emergency waiver application.
    • A copy of the Pesticide Standard Written Notification for Schools (this provides a brief description of the location of the nest and information regarding the vendor and applicator, as well a description of the chemical).
    • A Chemical Specific Fact Sheet (this provides a detailed description of the chemical which will be used, as well as a Material Safety Data Sheet).
    • A Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Consumer Information Bulletin (this is required by the Act Protecting Children and Families from Harmful Pesticides of 2000.  It is and information bulletin designed specifically for schools and daycare programs.


    The health and safety of our students is always paramount. Being mindful of that, we need to remove the hornet’s nests quickly.  This can be accomplished professionally without leaving trace elements of the nest or the chemical, which is confined to the inside of the nest when applied.  The nests will be taken from the site and disposed of by Terminex.


    Please feel free to contact me if you require further information or have any questions.





    Jay Pagliarulo

    Director of Facilities

    Manchester Essex Regional School District

    Cell:    617-293-3670

    Work: 978-526-2055 x3115

    Email: pagliaruloj@mersd.org



    CC:           Patricia Puglisi, MERHS Principal

                    Joanne Maino, MERMS Principal

                    Jennifer Roberts, Principal of Essex Elementary

                    Avi Urbas, Director of Finance & Operations

                    Pam Beaudoin, Superintendent of Schools