• During our review of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey concern related to student health issues arose.   Most striking was a concern around student self-harm and drug/alcohol use.  We also noted that many students are aware of these concerns as related to their friends but do not want to speak up and tell an adult.  They don’t want to “tell on” their friend even when they are concerned about their safety.

    In an effort to provide an avenue for students and parents to pass along information of concern MERHS is in the process of implementing a texting platform that will allow members of our school community to anonymously pass along information.  This platform allows a message to be texted to an outside platform and then forwarded without the phone information of the sender.  The objective is to maintain a healthy and safe school environment. 

    Text a Tip should not be used in the case of an emergency.  It is not monitored 24 hours/day.  If a community member is concerned that a student is in immediate danger 911 should be contacted.  Although we will attempt to reply and/or investigate tips quickly, there may not be an immediate response.

    Tips can be sent by texting the number 847-411 and using the keyword MERSD plus the message.  This will cause an alert for administrative follow-up.

    We realize that as this platform is public there may be some who choose to send hoax texts.  Please understand that sending a tip as a hoax leads to confusion and pulls counseling and administration away from other pressing concerns.  Please refrain from sending a hoax.

    The goal of this program is to encourage an environment of safe decision making.  Our students’ safety is our priority.