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Support Personnel Benefits: 10-Month Employees - GDBC
10-Month Employees

EIigibi1ity for Benefits

To receive benefits from the Manchester Essex Regional School District, an employee must work 20 hours per week.

Personal Illness

Sick leave will be granted on the basis of 10 days per school year or 1.0 day per month for 10 month employees hired after September 1. Sick leave is cumulative to 30 days and shall be credited on September 1st of each year. Part-time employees will be granted sick leave on a pro-rated basis dependent on the time worked. No person shall be entitled to paid sick leave in excess of the accumulated number of sick leave days.

After the expiration of sick leave, an employee may, at the discretion of the Superintendent, be granted a leave of absence without pay for a period of time not to exceed 180 calendar days. No benefits will accrue during this time, but Health Insurance premiums can be continued if paid in full by the employee.

1.          Sick leave shall be granted at the discretion of the Superintendent, to employees only under conditions as follows:

      a.          When they are incapacitated for the performance of their duties by sickness or injury.

      b.          When through exposure to contagious disease, the presence of the employee at his/her post of duty would jeopardize the health of others.

      c.           In case of serious illness of husband, wife, child, parent of either spouse he/she may be granted sick leave with pay not to exceed five (5) of the ten (10) days granted within any school year.

2.      Notification of absence shall be given as early as possible on the first day of absence. If such notification is not made, such absence may, at the discretion of the Superintendent, be applied to absence without pay. For any period of absence on account of sickness or injury, the Superintendent may require a physician’s certificate as a condition for return to work. If such certificate is not filed within seven (7) calendar days after a request, such absence may be applied, at the discretion of the Superintendent, to absence without pay.

3.          Employees whose service is either voluntarily or involuntarily terminated shall not be entitled to any compensation in lieu of sick leave not taken.

Court Leave

         1.          Employees who are called for jury duty shall be granted court leave. Notice of service shall be filed with the Superintendent upon receipt of summons.

         2.          When an employee has been granted court leave for jury or witness service, and is excused by proper court authority, he/she shall report back to his/her official place of duty whenever the interruption in jury or witness service will permit three and one half or more consecutive hours of employment.

         3.          Court leave shall not be granted when an employee is the defendant or is engaged in personal litigation.

Leave Without Pay

Absence without proper authorization or approval shall be considered leave without pay and may be considered sufficient cause for suspension or dismissal of the employee at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Death in Family

In the case of death in the immediate family, (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife, in-laws or relative with whom the employee may be then living) an employee shall be allowed up to five days absence with full pay. Such leave is non-cumulative.

Personal Leave

A 10-month employee may be absent for personal reasons up to 2 days per year with full pay. Personal leave must be requested in writing and approved by the Principal. Such leave will not be granted for days immediately before or after a regularly scheduled vacation period unless waived by the Superintendent. Such days are credited to each employee on September 1st each year and are non-cumulative. Personal days of absence in excess of two days may be requested before the anticipated absence and may be granted by the Superintendent in cases of emergency but not for personal convenience, with full reasons for such requests furnished by the applicant with loss of pay as determined by the Superintendent.

Each employee's leave status shall be noted in the Employee's Salary Sheet prepared each summer. All absences for illness, personal leave, etc., must be reported each week to the Building Principal who in turn will forward this information to the Payroll/Benefits Administrator on a signed form no later than Thursday afternoon of each payroll week.

Health Insurance

The policy established by the Manchester Essex Regional School Committee for all employees shall be followed relative to Health Insurance Benefits.


Retirement shall be under the Essex County Retirement system. An employee must work a minimum of 20 hours and participation in this system is mandatory.

Work Year/Work Day

The workday shall be the number of hours required to perform the job responsibilities or as stated in the job description and the work year will follow the school calendar as for teachers. Annual salary will be divided into 22 bi-weekly paychecks according to the appropriate payroll calendar dates. The first and last shall be for one (1) week of work. All 10 month employees in addition to the one hundred and eighty four work year (184) will receive pay for eleven holidays. The paid holidays are as follows:

                  1.          Columbus Day
                  2.          Veteran's Day
                  3.          Thanksgiving Day
                  4.          Day after Thanksgiving
                  5.          Christmas
                  6.          New Year's Day
                  7.          Martin Luther King Day
                  8.          President's Birthday
9.      Patriot's Day

10.     Memorial Day

11.     Labor Day

Annual Review

The Principal or his designee will evaluate 10 month employees annually.


Any Regional School District employee not covered by a union agreement and contributing to the Essex County Retirement System shall be eligible for longevity pay: 10-14 years, $200; 15-19 years $400; 20-29 years, $600; 30 or more years, $800. Said pay shall not be considered part of the base pay for purposes of future pay increases.